Deadmau5 is selling his Nyan Cat Ferrari for $380,000

The DJ won the Spirit Of The Gumball award in the car last week

Deadmau5 has put his 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider (F1 Edition) – decorated with images of internet meme Nyan Cat – on Craigslist.

The DJ was asking for offers close to $380,000 (£225,000) for the vehicle, which he has dubbed the “Purrari” for its decoration. The car can be seen in action in the clip below.

Deadmau5′ original advert, as reported by Uproxx, reads:

“Selling the majestic Purrari… asking 380k OBO … anything over 380 goes to charity, so get those bids in! (Toronto Humane Society) …. comes with Ipod full of nyancat songs. AND we will personally invite the buyer to Toronto to come and film a “farewell purrari” coffee run with me. 😀 (so basicly it comes with a free tim hortons coffee that youll have to pay for anyway)
we will ship this thing anywhere in north america. um… also… car stuff… it has like 6500 miles on it… purrs like a nyancat. and can be fully factory restored (wrap removed) if you’re a pussy.”

The advert has since been removed by Craigslist, but the DJ has taken to Twitter to say he’ll restart the auction elsewhere.

Deadmau5 unveiled the car on March 31 this year and used it in his ‘Coffee Run’ series on YouTube, even inviting Toronto mayor Rob Ford to be the first guest to share an in-car coffee with him.

The DJ and his driving partner Tory Belleci completed the Gumball 3000 rally in the car last week, travelling the 3000 miles from Miami to Ibiza in seven days. The pair won the coveted Spirit Of The Gumball trophy.

“They embraced the rally in the way that I intended it from day one,” said rally founder Maximillion Cooper. “They got in a bit of trouble, but not too much. And I’d also like to thank Joel [Deadmau5] for performing at a couple of the parties and really adding to the energy this year.”

Deadmau5 wrote: “I seriously cannot believe it… I’m so happy.”