Deadmau5 reveals plan to launch his own music subscription service

EDM producer promises 'unadulterated music and live streams' with soon-to-launch project

Deadmau5 has revealed plans to launch his own music subscription service.

The EDM producer explained the vision for his new scheme in a Facebook post published yesterday (November 21). In it, the artist also known as Joel Zimmerman explained that he will be “launching a private site / subscription model really soon. Thank god”. Deadmau5 added that the service is likely to be active today (Friday).

Explaining what he hopes to achieve with the project, the producer wrote: “Imagine… we’ll finally have a camp we can all enjoy with no spam. No phony accounts. No bullshit. No annoying kids. No nothing. Just unadulterated music and live streams and access to pretty much everything i have on the go.”

Deadmau5 appeared in the news earlier this year when he dubbed Justin Bieber a “spoiled bitch” following a row over the pop star’s reported demands that hip-hop be played instead of dance music in a nightclub.

Bieber’s behaviour caught the attention of Deadmau5 after British DJ and producer Michael Woods complained via Twitter that his set in Singapore, South Korea was interrupted by Bieber, who wanted to hear more rap music during his set. Woods then claimed that his tour manager was given a “cheap shot” by Bieber after he refused the request.