Deadmau5 labels Justin Bieber a ‘spoiled bitch’ following nightclub row

EDM giant stands up for DJ Michael Woods following incident in Singapore nightclub

Deadmau5 has dubbed Justin Bieber a “spoiled bitch” following a row over the pop star’s reported demands that hip-hop be played instead of dance music in a nightclub.

British DJ and producer Michael Woods complained via Twitter on Saturday night (October 12) that his set in Singapore, South Korea was interrupted by Bieber, who wanted to hear more rap music during his set. Woods then claimed that his tour manager was given a “cheap shot” by Bieber after he refused the request.

Posting on Twitter, Woods wrote: “So when I told @justinbieber to fuck off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a wall of security.” This led to fans of Bieber’s tweeting abuse at Woods, with the DJ retweeting many of the most abusive comments.

The Twitter row caught the attention of Deadmau5, who has history with Bieber following an incident earlier this year where the DJ claimed his chances of appearing on Top Gear were ruined by the Canadian pop star. Backing Woods in the row with Bieber’s fans, the EDM producer wrote: “Dear @justinbieber , would you please grow the fuck up already? In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs.”

Facing his own barrage of Belieber hate, Deadmau5 took to Facebook where he wrote: “I guess I’ll hang around here a while. It’s dark and scary on Twitter. Too many little butthurt kids all up my ass for standing up to a spoiled little bitch. Such is life. “

Bieber has yet to comment on the row. Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, released his sixth studio album ‘Album Title Goes In Here’ in September 2012.