Deadmau5 lights up London as part of secret show – watch

EDM producer plays pop up show in the capital

Deadmau5 played a secret gig in London last night, lighting up the streets in an audio visual performance.

The EDM producer played the pop-up show in Southwark’s Flat Iron Square which saw houses in the area rigged up using specially developed software which corresponded to what was happening on stage with Deadmau5. The performance was organised by mobile phone giant Nokia to promote their new Lumia phone. Footage from the secret show can be seen below.

Deadmau5 said recently she didn’t care if all electronic music is burned down.

Speaking at the FutureSound conference in San Francisco, which took place earlier this month the DJ, real name Joel Zimmerman, said he didn’t feel protective of the EDM scene, Mixmag reports.

“Burn all electronic music down, I don’t care,” he said. “At the end of the day, scenes don’t evolve. Scenes are scenes. They’re there and then they’re not.”

When asked about the state of EDM, Zimmerman replied: “The way I see EDM right now, it’s a healthy industry for sure. Minimal work for maximum profit, right?” He then hit out at traditional DJing, adding: “Today it’s more artist driven, more about the producer as opposed to the guy who can string some tunes together. It’s no longer a technological feat to string some tunes together.”

Deadmau5 released his last album, ‘Album Title Goes Here’ in September 2012.