Deadmau5: ‘Dealing with Madonna fans is like farting against thunder’

'There's no such thing as winning against 10 million idiots,' says DJ

Deadmau5 has spoken out about his previous row with Madonna by claiming that dealing with the singer’s fans is like “farting against thunder”.

The DJ had a high-profile spat with the Queen Of Pop earlier this year, branding the star a “fucking idiot” after she made onstage comments seemingly promoting drug-taking, and the pair later exchanged barbs on Twitter.

Referencing their run-in in an interview with Spinner, he said:

I should have been more relentless, but I thought I looked like I was after attention, and then it became an exercise in futility dealing with her fans. There’s no such thing as winning against 10 million idiots. You’re farting against thunder on that one.

The producer, whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, also made light of featuring in Forbes’ Highest Paid DJs list, which claimed he recouped $11.5 million dollars. “It’s bullshit,” he declared. “I had to call my manager and say, ‘Yo! Where’s the other 10?’ Sure, we’ve seen $20 million in the past two years, but that’s gone back into the studio, into tours – they cost up to $10 million alone. It’s money in, money out for all of us, but the list makes us look like a bunch of overpaid dicks.”

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