Deadmau5 planning Pink Floyd-inspired concept album

DJ wants to make LP inspired by 'The Wall'

Deadmau5 has revealed that he wants his next record to be a concept album similar to Pink Floyd’s classic LP ‘The Wall’.

Speaking to MTV, the DJ, who released his sixth studio album ‘> album title goes here

The producer, whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, said: “‘>Album Title Goes Here Hopefully next time – and I know I say this every f***ing time – that I’ll have this year off of touring and put together something that’s like Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’.

Speaking about ‘> album title goes here

“I would get home for a couple of weeks, and I would do one song, then people saw that, I streamed it live and then I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll put it on the album.”

‘> album title goes here

The tracklisting for ‘> album title goes here is as follows:

‘Channel 42’
‘The Veldt’
‘Fn Pig’
‘Professional Griefers’
‘There Might Be Coffee’
‘Take Care Of The Proper Paperwork’