Deadmau5: ‘I’m going to unplug for a wee bit’

The electronic artist is set to back away from the spotlight as he is 'pretty miserable'

Deadmau5 has revealed plans to slow things down when it comes to live appearances for the time being.

Writing on his blog at, the electronic artist – real name Joel Zimmerman – explained that he wanted to ‘unplug for a wee bit’, but said that this doesn’t mean he won’t be releasing any new music. He wrote:

So heres whats happening. im going to unplug for a wee bit. which doesnt mean im cancelling any upcoming shows or anything, im just gunna slam on the breaks for a bit and force myself to endure some quiet time. in that time, obviously the gears will still be moving, ill still be writing, and the releases will still come out (heads up for something crazy real soon like) and yeah.

He added that part of the reason for his break is because of personal problems, going on to say he’s ‘pretty miserable right now’.

He writes: “i got a lot of work to do on some stuff. so, best i just chill the fuck out a bit and just get it done, and get it done RIGHT, until im 100% satisfied with it. Then our regularily scheduled program shall continue. but yeah, im basicly pretty miserable right now and need to pull the fuck back and figure out whatever the fuck it is i do.”

Last month Deadmau5 debuted a brand new track titled ‘There Might Be Coffee’ – scroll down to the bottom of the page to hear it. The DJ, who is currently working on the follow-up to his 2010 fifth studio album ‘4×4=12’, penned the track during a session which he live-streamed over the internet.

Deadmau5 returns to the UK later this month to play Creamfields Festival and in September to perform at London’s Roundhouse as part of the iTunes Festival. He will perform on September 9 and joins the likes of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Biffy Clyro, Mumford & Sons and Jack White in performing at the event.