Deadmau5 slams Playboy model for making ‘Dark Knight Rises’ shooting joke

Producer uses Twitter to call out model's distasteful joke about last week's Colorado shootings

Deadmau5 has used Twitter to chastise a Playboy model who made a distasteful joke about last week’s Colorado shootings.

12 people were killed in the tragic incident, which took place during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises at a cinema complex in Denver on July 20. On the same day as the tragedy, Playboy model Tricia Evans – who goes by the Twitter handle of @HollywoodTricia – posted the following tweet: “I heard the new Batman movie is really “to die for”! Too soon?”

Seven minutes later, Deadmau5 – aka Canadian producer Joel Zimmerman – expressed his disdain for her joke, tweeting: “good to know. @hollywoodtricia i seriously had no idea how big of a piece of shit you are. unfollowed.”

Evans, who describes herself in her Twitter bio as a “controversial tweeter”, immediately attempted to defend herself. “Listen, apparently I have a different opinion than u. That doesn’t make me a piece of shit,” she tweeted to Deadmau5 two minutes later.

However, Deadmau5 refused to back down, tweeting back: “so your opinion of the tragedy in Colorado is “humor”. not sure how that’s convoluted into an opinion.”

As of today (July 23), Evans continues to receive criticism on Twitter for her unpopular joke, but Deadmau5 has stayed out of the debate. The @HollywoodTricia account currently has 3,114 followers.