Deadmau5 unleashes rant against ‘dipshit’ pop/electro collaborations

He says he doesn't want some 'fucking dipshit blab about lookin sexy or droppin bass' on his tunes

Electronic music artist Deadmau5 has posted a rant against musical collaborations on his blog.

Writing at, the artist said he rarely enjoys the idea of collaborations, despite recent hook-ups with Foo Fighters and Cypress Hill.

The Canadian house musician, real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman, wrote: “Theres a perfectly valid reason why i dont usually enjoy the idea of a ‘collaboration’ … allthough you can rest assure whatever collaborations i have done in the past were the results of stuff im totally into, like Flipside, the Foo’s, Cyprus Hill [sic], etc.” He continued:

All too often, there’s an influx of ‘big names’ that would get thrown around the label from time to time and of course, they fly off the table and out the fuckin door faster than they hit my desk. eg. do you want to do a track with big name X, remix huge pop act y, etc etc. no. i fucking don’t. i really REALLY don’t.

He went on to add: “im passionate about music, engineering said music, and especially art… at least i certainly feel that i am. And the last thing i want to do… is take the meanings and feelings of a piece of music and have some fucking dipshit blab about lookin sexy, poppin bottles, ‘droppin bass’, or ANYTHING club related. which fortunately for the world *rolls eyes* makes up for 99% of the ‘electronic music’ fad that’s apparently considered mainstream now.”

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