DeadMau5 almost interrupted his wedding to buy a jug of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce

"Let me finish getting married n shit".

Last weekend, Deadmau5 got married in a ceremony that was every bit as brilliantly ridiculous as he is.

There was a flame-thrower, pyrotechnics, and even a massive red smoke machine involved to create one of the greatest rockstar wedding photos in living memory.

But his big day was very nearly derailed by an altogether more pressing issue – the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce that has been popularised by the latest season of Rick and Morty.


Comic book writer Robert Workman was one of only three people to receive a new batch of the sauce and he subsequently put it on eBay – with DeadMau5 being pretty vocal about how much he wanted to get his hands on the fabled condiment.

And after Workman revealed that an eventual bid of $15,000 had been pulled, he offered it straight away to DeadMau5.

“Welp, second chance offer went up in smoke. Guy didn’t want it. So of course, that’s why he bid. So, yeah, @deadmau5. All you”, he wrote.

For DeadMau5, the offer was a no brainer – but there was the small matter of dealing the knot to deal with first.

“I’m in. Let me finish getting married n shit”, he wrote.


Even the official Rick & Morty account was stunned at the sale.

The sauce, which was originally released in 1999 to promote the release of Mulan, has become a major joke in the latest season of Rick and Morty – with a jug of the sauce being gifted to creator Dan Roiland last month.