Deadmau5 actually bought the massive jug of ‘Rick and Morty’ McDonald’s Szechuan sauce

"I will be enjoying the hell out of this sauce when we get back from our honeymoon," the producer says

Deadmau5 has confirmed that he purchased a rare bottle of McDonald’s special Szechuan sauce, as popularised by cult cartoon Rick and Morty.

The dance music producer (real name Joel Zimmerman) got married at the weekend and nearly derailed his wedding to get his hands on a big jug of the limited-edition condiment.

The item had been placed on Ebay last week, with Deadmau5 among those bidding on it. When bidding ended at $15,350 (£12,000), the top two sellers reportedly refused to pay up, leading comic book writer Robert Workman – who was selling the sauce – to reach out to Zimmerman.


Deadmau5 took Workman up on the offer but it’s not currently known how much he eventually paid for the sauce. He later uploaded a photo of himself holding the jug to Instagram, and subsequently tweeted: “I will be enjoying the hell out of this sauce when we get back from our honeymoon”.

See the photo and tweet below.

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Holy fuck!

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In 1998, McDonald’s launched the short-lived promotional Szechuan sauce to coincide with the release of the Disney film Mulan. Then, earlier this year, Rick and Morty fans lobbied McDonald’s for the long-dead promo sauce’s return after the show’s season 3 premiere was filled with references to it. The end of the episode sees Rick make an epic rant to Morty about the sauce.

An old packet of the old sauce later sold on Ebay for nearly $15,000 (£11,500) before McDonald’s produced a small amount of limited-edition bottles of the sauce, gifting one to Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland.


Last weekend saw Deadmau5 marry his girlfriend Kelly “Grill” Fedoni in a ceremony that was every bit as brilliantly ridiculous as he is.

There was a flame-thrower, pyrotechnics, and even a massive red smoke machine involved to create one of the greatest rockstar wedding photos in living memory.