Deadmau5 says he’s “partially responsible” for the ‘death’ of EDM

The Canadian producer has spoken out on the much-touted 'death' of the genre

Deadmau5 has spoken about the so-called ‘death’ of EDM, declaring that “it’s fucked” and that he’s “partially responsible” for “commercialising” the genre.

The Canadian producer – AKA Joel Zimmerman – has been regularly outspoken on the topic, telling Rolling Stone in 2014 that EDM will “eventually fuck itself so hard.”

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In a new interview with the publication, Deadmau5 has clarified those remarks by saying that EDM went on to “fuck itself” in 2015.

“Where have you been? [It’s] 85% crossed over,” he said. “It’s fucked. It’s out of the innovators’ hands; it’s not really grassroots anymore. I’m partially responsible – I’ve done my part to commercialise shit. Oversaturation.

“Shit can go, and nothing really ever comes back,” he added when asked if EDM could ever mount a comeback. “Disco evolved into Chicago warehouse, then there was techno; eventually it evolved into EDM. I’m hard-pressed to think about a genre [that’s as popular as it always was]. Nothing goes full-circle with music.”

2016_deadmau52_mattbarnes_011216Matt Barnes

He also had some choice words about fellow electronic artist Marshmello, who uses a similar helmet concept to Deadmau5 for his public appearances.

“Wait, did you say artists like Marshmello? You mean people like Marshmello? Let’s fucking clear the air on this one. I don’t care if you’re wearing a fucking helmet, I don’t give a shit – with that logic, I ripped off Daft Punk. The thing that pissed me off after a while was the constant dick riding [on Twitter]. “You trolled me, I trolled you” – whatever. Don’t pass it off as a marketing technique. According to social media, all I do is sit around and burn pictures of this guy.”

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