deadmau5 has a plan to save SoundCloud

The streaming site recently let go of 40% of its employees

deadmau5 has taken to Twitter to share a theory on how to save Soundcloud.

SoundCloud recently laid off 40% of its staff and closed two of its international offices in London and San Francisco, with a spokesman declaring the move was taken in a bid to “reduce costs” and “ensure our path to long-term, independent success.”

Dance music superstar deadmau5 shared his thoughts on the move over the weekend, commenting that the site’s extensive user database is “a db a record label wants”, and predicting the sale SoundCloud “to the highest bidder”.


He then shared an extensive plan involving the retooling of the service as a site through which independent labels can seek out and license new artists.

In conclusion, deadmau5 states: “In summary, sure. I could turn the SoundCloud shitshow around with a decent team. But why fix someone else’s fuckup after paying for it?” before noting, “It might have been worth pointing out that sc is a Berlin based company and they manage to dodge a ton of US copyright laws…”

Check out the extensive tweet thread below.


Last month, deadmau5 slammed EDM duo The Chainsmokers on social media, declaring that he is “100% convinced” that the EDM duo are “shit.”

deadmau5 tweeted: “sorry, i just made the terrible mistake of listening to a chainsmokers song. at least the first 6 seconds of it. i was trying to do something.”

He then tagged The Chainsmokers’ Twitter handle in his next tweet, before declaring: “I ALSO NEED TO LEARN HOW TO UNROLL A SUIT@thechainsmokers i used to just say you were shit for fun. now im 100% convinced you’re shit.”

““You know what i did tho?” he continued. “for real. listened to the ‘top whatever songs’ just to see if i was about to be blown away. nope. just dead inside.”

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