Watch DeadMau5 play new ‘Rick and Morty’ skit during his New Year’s Eve set

This is epic.

Canadian DJ Deadmau5 surprised fans during a New Year’s Eve set by getting the creators of ‘Rick and Morty’ to record a special message that played out as the clock struck midnight.

With two minutes to go before midnight, the DJ suddenly ditched his set in order to play an original Rick and Morty skit on two huge screens positioned underneath his Cube stage.

In the video, drunk scientist Rick Sanchez refers to the Los Angeles crowd as “shitheads who are worshipping a giant mouse”, before the New Year’s countdown clock is mistakenly believed to be a bomb.


You can check out the whole clip below.

He later thanked creator Justin Roiland for helping him to record the skit.

DeadMau5 is known to be a huge Rick & Morty fan, and last year paid an unspecified sum for a jug of the fabled McDonalds Szechuan Sauce that has become a running joke for fans of the Adult Swim show.

He agreed to the sale on the day of his wedding, and uploaded a photo of himself holding the jug to Instagram, and subsequently tweeted: “I will be enjoying the hell out of this sauce when we get back from our honeymoon”.


An old packet of the old sauce previously sold on Ebay for nearly $15,000 (£11,500) before McDonald’s produced a small amount of limited-edition bottles of the sauce, gifting one to Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland.