Deadmau5 discusses the time he nearly killed a fan at his gig

Joel Zimmerman speaks to NME in support of new album 'W:/2016ALBUM/'

Deadmau5 has described the time he almost killed a fan at one of his live shows.

The Canadian electronic producer – real name Joel Zimmerman – released new album ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ this week (December 2), a record he has described as “fucking rushed” and said he doesn’t even like.

Deadmau5 graces the cover of NME this week (available nationwide now). During the interview, he discusses a time where he thought he had paralysed or killed a fan by kicking him off his custom-made, raised onstage booth during a performance.


“I nearly killed a kid once,” he said. “I’ve never told this story. So I’m playing live, up in the Cube [his booth]. I’ve got this LED helmet on, I’m six foot in the air, I can barely see. All of a sudden I hear my manager screaming in my earpiece, and I feel someone grabbing at my waist. This kid has somehow climbed up into the Cube. I just panic, I kick back at him, and he just drops and lands on his back – bang. And he’s motionless. I take off my helmet and look down, and for what felt like a long time I’m like, ‘I just paralysed or killed that kid.’ Then finally he bounces up and is all ‘Wooo!’ at the crowd. Never been so relieved in my life. Scary.”

“But it’s like, what were you planning to do, dude? Take over the show for me? Go for it, I get paid either way. Do what you gotta do, ruin the show.”


Deadmau5 went on to say about his dedicated fanbase: “I’m at about the maximum level of weirdness I can handle. I do get freaked out sometimes. I have kids hop my fence, get into my back yard and just start screaming at me. I get chicks on Instagram saying that I raped them and that they’re calling their lawyer. I do all my own shit – Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter – and I see everything, every weird private message from every random psycho. I’m not shielded from anything. I get messages from dudes saying, ‘I’m gonna kill you at the show!’ And I’m like, ‘Well, fuck – this could be it.’ “Look at Dimebag Darrell [ex-Pantera guitarist, murdered onstage by an obsessive fan in 2004]. I’m probably at about the same level of fame as him, and there are always gonna be one or two crazies around, so some shows I’m just thinking, ‘Fuck.’ And the security sucks, it’s never good. Those guys are just on their phone, not watching anything, and even if you’re fuckin’ Super Hawkeye McGee, what are you gonna do, hit him with your flashlight? He’s gonna shoot you in the face too.”

Read the full Deadmau5 NME interview.

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