Listen to Death Cab For Cutie’s new song ‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’

It's the opening song from the band's forthcoming album

Death Cab For Cutie have shared a new song called ‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’.

The song – which is the opening track on the band’s new album ‘Thank You for Today’ – is a mellow musing on a dormant relationship.

A selection of the lyrics read:

I dreamt we spoke again

It had been so long your voice was like a ghost


‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’ follows a teaser of a different, as-yet-unknown track shared by the band in June. ‘Gold Rush’ also features on the new record.

‘Thank You for Today’ comes three years after ‘Kintsugi’ and marks their ninth full-length release.

In 2019 the band embark on a UK and Ireland tour to promote the new record, which is released on August 19.

Last year the Washington quintet celebrated their 20-year anniversary by releasing a recording of their first show ever.


Frontman Ben Gibbard spoke to NME this month about the meaning of the band’s seminal 2005 single, ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’.

“I think what it is about ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’ that connects to people is the fact that we are all going to lose everyone in our lives,” Gibbard said.

He continued, “Everyone in our lives is going to die. We too will die someday, and people will mourn us.”