Death Cab for Cutie perform ‘Transatlanticism’ in full to mark album’s 15th anniversary

The album is widely considered to be the band's finest hour....

Death Cab for Cutie have performed ‘Transatlanticism’ in full to mark the 15th anniversary of the seminal record. See footage below.

As they played at Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre on Saturday, the college rock icons performed the record to mark 15 years to the day since its initial release.

The album is widely considered to be the band’s finest hour – and featured songs such as ‘Title and Registration’ and ‘The Sound of Settling’.

As the set-list for Saturday night reveals, the Ben Gibbard band played five tracks before proceeding to play the full album in chronological order. Swipe through their post to see footage.

“Chicago, thank you for helping us throw a surprise 15th birthday party for Transatlanticism”, they wrote on Instagram. “We can’t think of a better place to have done it. Thank you for always showing up for us. “

Responding on Instagram, one fan wrote: “That was the best show I’ve ever seen”.

Meanwhile, Death Cab for Cutie recently sat down with NME earlier this year for a wide-ranging interview that saw them discussing their love of The Cure.

“I still love The Cure more than almost any other band. But they were really truly like the first band that I really loved and felt was mine, you know. At a pivotal time in my life when I was 13, 14 years old”, explained Gibbard. “We were living in a shitty suburban town.  You’re much more isolated from culture than kids are today.  So discovering them and making them my own meant the world to me.”