Death From Above 1979 to support QOTSA and NIN

The bass and drum duo will head out on the US arena tour…

Death From Above have been confirmed as the support act for the upcoming Queens Of The Stone Age and NINE INCH NAILS US tour.

The band will join the arena trek on October 16 at the San Antonio SBC Center but despite getting ready to hit the road together, Queens Of The Stone Age have admitted they are yet to meet the other groups.

Drummer Sebastian Grainger said: “We’d been passing notes like kids in school, through other bands.”

Death From Above singer Josh Homme recently did a remix for the bass and drum duo’s track ’Black History Month’, which is set to appear on White Stripes’s remix/B-sides/live album due out in the autumn.

When asked how the two-piece band would feel playing on arena sized stages on the 17-date tour, bassist Jesse Keelertold Rolling Stone: “We’re going to get Death From Above in and ask them how they do it. I think the answer is to not change anything, because what makes you famous will also keep you famous. We will continue to do what we do.”

White Stripes are currently working on the follow up to their 2004 debut ’You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine’, which they hope to release at the end of the year.

Keeler said: “We’re a lot better at what we do, and what’s going to be different on the next record is, now that I’ve got your attention, I can do what I want to do. The last record we made was like (Radiohead’s) ’Pablo Honey’, and this one will be more like ’Kid A’.”