Death From Above 1979 cancel tour after support band withdraw

AWOLNATION decided to tour with RATM/Public Enemy supegroup instead

Death From Above 1979 have cancelled the remainder of their US tour after support band AWOLNATION pulled out to tour with Rage Against The Machine/Public Enemy supergroup Prophets Of Rage instead.

The duo had 16 dates left on their tour, which was due to end on July 21 in Tennessee. However, on learning that AWOLNATION had cancelled, Death From Above 1979 issued a statement saying that touring without a support band would be too expensive.

Their Facebook statement said: “Late last week, we leaerned that many of the dates we were scheduled to play with Awolnation were cancelled. We had nothing to do with that decision, but in turn we have decided to not participate in the remaining shows. We scrambled all weekend to try and still make things work, but there simply is no way. As boring and/or square as it is to say, the reality is that the costs of touring are simply too high for us to endeavor on such a short run. We were excited to come play your towns and spend the summer getting weird with you.”

Death From Above 1979 will instead resume touring in October on a US tour which also features Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Deap Vally. There are no UK shows scheduled from the duo, whose most recent album was ‘The Physical World’ in 2014.

AWOLNATION have yet to comment on the reasons for their cancellation of the DFA1979 dates.