Listen to the premiere of Death From Above 1979’s new single ‘Freeze Me’

The Toronto duo's single is officially out on Friday (June 9) - their first release since 2014's 'The Physical World'

Death From Above 1979 have premiered their forthcoming single ‘Freeze Me’.

The Toronto duo – made up of vocalist/drummer Sebastian Grainger and bassist Jesse F. Keeler – are returning with their first new material since 2014’s ‘The Physical World’. That album had ended a 10-year period of silence in terms of recording from the band, who initially split in 2006 before reforming in 2011.

Anticipation for Death From Above 1979’s third album was ramped up this evening (June 6) by the official debut of ‘Freeze Me’, which premiered as Mistajam’s Hottest Record In The World during his show on BBC Radio 1. The band told Mistajam that “it will not be 10 years” before fans can hear their new record.


You can listen to the premiere of ‘Freeze Me’ and the interview below.

The band had also teased a snippet of ‘Freeze Me’ ahead of its projected release on Friday (June 9). The preview can be heard in a short video, which also features Grainger and Keeler recording in the studio.

Watch the new clip below.

It also appears that some fans have already received advance copies of the single ahead of its full release. Instagram user FisherNuts posted a longer preview of ‘Freeze Me’ in a recent post, which you can see below.

Death From Above 1979 released their first-ever live album last year. Entitled ‘Live At Third Man Records’, the recording was done at the studios of the label’s founder, Jack White.


Speaking about the straight-to-vinyl recording, the duo remarked: “When we were asked to record Live At Third Man Records we agreed without hesitation. If there is one person who knows about feeling the moment, it’s Jack White. He’s the patron saint of vibes. We cut two twenty minute long sets straight to acetate. No second chances. Terrifying but alive. Third Man were such phenomenal hosts and the audience went bananas with us. It was such an honour to be a part of. The whole thing was such a rush, it almost feels like a dream.”