DFA 1979’s Jesse Keeler produces ‘Mortal Kombat’ soundtrack – video

Bassist has helmed soundtrack for re-released game on April 4

Death From Above 1979‘s Jeese Keeler has produced the soundtrack for the new edition of the Mortal Kombat computer game series.

The game is being re-released on April 18, with Keeler‘s soundtrack, ‘Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired By The Warriors’, set for an April 4 release.

It will come out on the bassist’s own Teenage Riot Records.


The soundtrack will feature artists from the Teenage Riot Records roster, including LA Riots and Congorock. You can watch a trailer for the game, which features Congorock‘s ‘Liu Kang’s Theme’, by scrolling down and clicking below.

Keeler has contributed his own track, ‘Deathstalker (Scorpion’s Theme)’, to the soundtrack.

The tracklisting of Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired By The Warriors is:

JFK of MSTRKRFT – ‘Deathstalker (Scorpion’s Theme)’
Tokimonsta – ‘Mileena’s Theme’
Harvard Bass – ‘Helado (Sub-Zero’s Theme)’
Congorock – ‘Liu Kang’s Theme’
Bird Peterson – ‘Goro’s Theme’
Skrillex – ‘Reptile’s Theme’
9th Wonder – ‘Raiden’s Theme’
LA Riots – ‘Johnny Cage’s Theme’
Run DMT – ‘Baraka’s Theme’
Felix Cartal – ‘Kung Lao’s Theme’
Them Jeans – ‘Kano’s Theme’
Sound Of Stereo – ‘Shao Kahn’s Theme’