Police halt DFA 1979’s SXSW show after fans rip down fence – video

Fans tear down venue fence in Austin

Death From Above 1979‘s surprise show at the South By Southwest festival on Saturday (March 19) resulted in police being called after fans ripped down a fence.

The duo, who reunited early this year, played at the Beauty Bar at the Austin event. The venue had an alley behind it with a small fence from where people could see what was going on inside the venue.

According to the Brooklyn Vegan, during the set fans unable to get inside the bar grew restless and, despite pleas from the band’s Jesse Keeler, they tore down the fence.


The police were called and officers stormed the stage, asking the band to stop the gig while they dealt with the situation. Watch video footage of the incident by scrolling down and clicking below.

Police on horseback then arrived outside the venue and attempted to disperse fans. Reports have suggested that they used tasers and tear gas, but this has not been confirmed.

After the situation had calmed down the band were allowed to finish their set.