Death Grips reveal new material in rehearsal session footage

Group officially split in 2014

Death Grips have shared footage of them rehearsing songs both old and new.

The footage, which can be seen below, includes the group playing unheard material as well as songs including ‘Inanimate Sensation’ and ‘Lock Your Doors’.


This latest update from the group follows the release of a 14-track instrumental album titled ‘Fashion Week’ in January.

The titles of the 14 ‘Fashion Week’ tracks each consist of an individual letter. In sequence, they spell out the phrase “Jenny Death When”. ‘Jenny Death’ is believed to be the second part of forthcoming double album ‘The Powers That B’ which, it was revealed in October 2014, is now complete.

‘Niggas On The Moon’, the first part of the double LP, was released digitally last year. A track from ‘Jenny Death’, ‘Inanimate Sensation’, was unveiled in December – click below to listen.

In spite of all the band’s activity – and rumours of a forthcoming tour – Death Grips announced their intention to split in summer 2014. The Californian group’s career has been characterised by unpredictable behaviour, from leaking their own album ‘No Love Deep Web’ (complete with a cover image of an erect penis) to ‘performing’ a number of shows in which they set up their equipment but failed to appear on stage, usually resulting in the trashing of their gear.