Fans destroy Death Grips’ equipment after Lollapalooza no-show

The band failed to turn up to their festival aftershow gig in Chicago on Friday (August 2)

Fans destroyed Death Grips‘ equipment after the band failed to turn up for their scheduled Lollapalooza aftershow gig at the Bottom Lounge, Chicago on Friday (August 2).

According to several reports on Reddit and Twitter, after learning that the band were not going to play, fans in the venue proceeded to storm the stage and trash the equipment – below is a fan picture of what appears to be part of Zach Hill’s drum kit.

In a statement posted on Facebook a representative from the Bottom Lounge venue said: “We are still getting bits and pieces of information but we were not aware that Death Grips was not coming until right before we made the announcement. Right now, we just want to thank all the people at the show last night who, despite being terribly disappointed that there would be no Death Grips show, were very understanding. Tickets are in the process of being refunded and people that bought tickets online will see their refunds on their statements shortly.”


Prior to the band’s no-show announcement, the venue played Death Grips music through the PA, reports Pitchfork. The stage was reportedly set up for the band with a backdrop that featured a screenshot of a suicide note allegedly written by a fan. You can read the full transcript of the note via Reddit here.

Last month, Death Grips announced that they have set up their own record label called Thirdworlds. The band will release their new album on the major label imprint.