Death Grips stream new album and suggest they ‘might make some more’ music

Listen to 'The Powers That B' now

Death Grips are streaming new album ‘The Powers That B’ ahead of its release and suggested that the record may not, as previously stated, be their final output.

‘The Powers That B’ will be released on March 31, comprising of ‘Jenny Death’ and the previously-released ‘N****s On The Moon’.

The rap group announced their intention to split in summer 2014 with ‘The Powers That B’ expected to be their last release. However, a new post by the band on Facebook suggests that the group could have some future. “You’re right, we might make some more” they wrote, linking to a stream of the new album.


The Californian group’s career has been characterised by unpredictable behaviour, from leaking their own album ‘No Love Deep Web’ (complete with a cover image of an erect penis) to ‘performing’ a number of shows in which they set up their equipment but failed to appear onstage, usually resulting in the trashing of their gear.

The ‘Jenny Death’ tracklisting is as follows:

‘Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States’
‘Inanimate Sensation’
‘Turned Off’
‘Why A Bitch Gotta Lie’
‘The Powers That B’
‘Beyond Alive’
‘Centuries of Damn’
‘On GP’

Listen to ‘The Powers That B’ now: