Death Grips’ MC Ride to host solo art exhibition

Stefan Burnett’s Solo Exhibition takes place in Los Angeles in January

Death Grips‘ Stefan Burnett is set to host a solo art exhibition in Los Angeles in January.

The show, titled Solo Exhibition, opens on January 7 at Los Angeles’ Slow Culture, and runs until January 28. According to the gallery’s listing, it marks Burnett’s first solo showcase.

According to Pitchfork, Burnett has been selling acrylic paintings on his personal website since the beginning of 2016.

Death Grips art exhibitionJo Mccaughey/NME

Earlier this year, Death Grips embarked on a European tour, in support of their recent LP ‘Bottomless Pit‘.

The rap duo released surprise new album ‘Bottomless Pit’ in May. It is the fifth album to be released by the experimental group and includes previously released track ‘Hot Head’ as part of 13 songs that span over 35 minutes.

The rap group announced their plans to break up in 2014, with last year’s ‘The Powers That B’ project originally expected to be their final release when the second half of it landed. However, a post by the band on Facebook suggested that the group had a future. “You’re right, we might make some more” they wrote, linking to a stream of the new album.

The Californian group’s career has been characterised by unpredictable behaviour, from leaking their own album ‘No Love Deep Web’ (complete with a cover image of an erect penis) to ‘performing’ a number of shows in which they set up their equipment but failed to appear onstage, usually resulting in the trashing of their gear.