Death Grips share trippy video for new song ‘Streaky’

The first material from their new album

Death Grips have shared a video for their new single ‘Streaky’.

Earlier this year, the band announced a new album ‘Year of the Snitch’ and ‘Streaky’ has been revealed as ‘track 8’ of the new record. It marks the group’s first material since last year’s Steroids EP.

You can hear ‘Streaky’ and watch the trippy visuals below.


The announcement for ‘Year of the Snitch’ was initially leaked on the group’s own page. This prompted them to respond via Twitter, writing: “Someone Snitched.”

In March, the trio confirmed that they’re working with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor on the new album.

Sharing a picture of Chancellor on their Instagram, Death Grips simply wrote ‘Working on the new album with Justin Chancellor’.

They also revealed that Shrek director Andrew Adamson is involved with the album, sharing an Instagram picture of Adamson in the studio.


Star Trek actor William Shatner revealed he was a fan of the band earlier this year after responding to a tweet from Minecraft creator Markus Persson.

“Just found out about Death Grips. Neat! I’d link, but they’re experimental teetering on uncomfortable, so listener/viewer discretion advised. How did I not know about them until now”, Persson initially wrote.

Responding with the lyrics to 2012’s ‘No Love’, Shatner wrote: “On and on it’s beyond insane… Madness, chaos in the brain.”