Joyriders make off with tourbus while the band were still in it...

Death In Vegas had a narrow escape last week after two teenagers tried to go for a joyride in their tourbus – with the band still in it.

DIV‘s Richard Fearless was sat in the back of the two-deck luxury coach relaxing before he played the Belfast Empire when two youths broke in and tried to hotwire the engine.

But the band’s driver had removed a vital piece of cabling so the pair only managed to kangaroo-hop a few yards before giving up and running off.


A spokeswoman told NME that she could hardly believe her eyes.

“I saw the bus go past with Richard and these two lads in it and wondered who they were. It was hilarious, though it could have been really serious if they’d gone any further.”

The incident was reported to the police, but the culprits have not been found.

Meanwhile, Death In Vegas release ‘Dirge’ on July 12, the first track from their new LP ‘The Contino Sessions’, featuring Iggy Pop, Bobby Gillespie and Jim Reid which is released on September 13 through Concrete.

The single is being released on 12″ vinyl only and features vocals by Dot Allison. It is backed by another new track, ‘Luther’s Funk’, which will not appear on the new album.

Finally, Fearless and Andrew Weatherall team up on the latest ‘Live At The Social’ album from Heavenly Records. The two DJs share a side each on Volume 3 of the Heavenly Social mix records.