More Millennium secrets...

What will you be doing on New Year’s Eve?

“At the moment I don’t know. I’m still waiting on a few different offers of work. I’m definitely going to be working. DJing though. Not with the band.”

Do you care about the Millennium?


“It doesn’t really mean anything to me at all. I don’t care about it. I just want to earn some money and then fuck off in January on holiday. It’s just another night.”

What’s your favourite invention of the last thousand years?

“The walkman. It’s something I use every day and it’s probably the thing I value most that I have with me all the time.”

What hasn’t been invented that you’d like to see invented?

“I quite like the idea of just being able to go places instantly. Time travel I suppose, but not to times. Just like up the top of that hill. Or maybe a Stenna chairlift around my house. Or a chairlift corksrew ride. I was just saying the other day that if I ever got really rich, I’m going to do the first one. Really slow and all beige plastic, a 45 minute corkscrew ride. I’m easily pleased.”

If you had 90 minutes until the end of the world, what would you listen to?


“‘Rocking Time’ by Burning Spear. Something like that.”

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