The music will accompany the release of the soundtrack album from the BBC2 series 'Tinsel Town'...

Death In Vegas frontman RICHARD FEARLESS has mixed an exclusive CD for BBC MUSIC. The mix will accompany the release of the soundtrack album from the current BBC2 television series ‘TINSEL TOWN’.

The mix will be Fearless‘ first commercially available mix since his contribution to the ‘Live At The Social’ series for Heavenly three years ago. “The series is based in Scotland,” explained a spokesperson for the BBC. “He DJs up there quite a lot, and there’s a couple of Death In Vegas tracks on the album, so we thought it would be good to get him involved.”

“The idea was to get something that was not your average, pumpin’ Ibiza soundtrack,” he added. “Because he’s such a formidable talent, we knew he would do something that little bit different, to give it a more gritty edge.” The series Tinsel Town has been airing since August 6, and presents an uncompromising look at the lives and loves of a group of Glaswegian clubbers.


The first, unmixed CD features tracks and mixes from the likes of Basement Jaxx, Leftfield, Primal Scream and Dusty Springfield. The soundtrack is released through BBC Music on September 18th.

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