And that's not all - the group are also planning to work with the Royal Shakespeare Company...

Death In Vegas are to follow the success of 1999’s ‘THE CONTINO SESSIONS’ with two pieces of incidental music. One is the soundtrack to a gay adult film, the other music for a forthcoming ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY (RSC) production.

Speaking to, frontman Richard Fearless said of the film: “It’s straight gay porn done in an arthouse way. It’s really beautifully shot. It sounds quite exciting, something different.”

Believed to be a David Fincher (‘Fight Club’) project, the film is as of yet untitled.

Fearless confirmed the band were set to produce music for the Shakespearean production, claiming he wanted to “cover all areas”. A spokesperson for the RSC said it was not policy to announce the details of forthcoming productions until closer to the time and could not confirm the production’s title.

Fearless also spoke of his desire to release the previously unheard single ‘One More Time’ – recorded in September 1999 with Bobby Gillespie on vocals.

“Everything we’ve ever done is soulful, but this is definitely northern soul. It’s the most euphoric thing we’ve ever done. We want to release it before we do another album, just to throw a lot of people,” he said.

He added that there was a chance at least part of the next Death In Vegas album proper would be recorded in India. Fearless has recently returned from a holiday there.

“It’s all pretty hush-hush at the moment,” he said. “We haven’t laid anything down yet, it’s all still ideas. I want to record half of it here and half in India.”

A spokesperson for the band told “I know they’ve been approached by the RSC. I haven’t heard anything about a gay porn film but it sounds quite likely. Richard isn’t a wind-up merchant and I’d say it was going to happen. Richard‘s got so many projects on the go. He’s always filming and he’s got loads of design commissions lined up. He’s a workaholic.”