'Milk It' features a host of special guests - and a second CD of rare stuff...

Death In Vegas are to release a best of compilation in the New Year.

Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes’ best work is captured on ‘Milk It’, which is released on February 7.

The album features 11 tracks, including Top Ten hit ‘So You Say You Lost Your Baby’. Special guest vocalists include Liam Gallagher on ‘Scorpio Rising’, Bobby Gillespie on ”Soul Auctioneer’ and Iggy Pop on ‘Aisha’.

There will be a second CD of remixes and rarities.

The full tracklisting is:



‘So You Say You Lost Your Baby’



‘Scorpio Rising’

‘Soul Auctioneer’

‘Hands Around My Throat’

‘All That Glitters’





‘Aisha’ (Trevor Jackson mix)

‘Hands Around My Throat’ (Adult mix)

‘Hands Around My Throat’ (UXB mix)

‘Scorpio Rising’ (Polyphonic Spree mix)

‘One More Time’ (featuring Bobby Gillespie)

‘Dirge’ (Slam remix)

‘Dirge’ (Cossack mix)

‘Dirt’ (Mullet mix)

‘Twist And Crawl’ (full mix from import ‘Dead Elvis’)

‘Rocco’ (Dave Clark mix)

‘Rekkit’ (Two Lone Swordsmen remix)

‘Neptune City’ (Two Lone Swordsmen remix)