Declan McKenna delays the release of new album ‘Zeros’ and cancels tour due to coronavirus crisis

"Sorry if this feels like more bad news..."

Declan McKenna has announced that he is delaying the release of his new album ‘Zeros’ due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The musician’s second album was originally to be released on May 15, but will now come out three months later on August 21.


The musician broke the news via social media. McKenna said: “This is not a decision I take lightly – I recorded this album in August last year, and for it to have taken a whole year to get out to the world is pretty jarring for me, but these times are exceptional and there is very little space to make this happen the way I want it to within them.”

He also confirmed that planned April tour dates will be rescheduled. “I am going to be playing more shows later in the year and beyond so I can still see all those who had tickets and all who did not but in these uncertain times it’s going to take a second to know when works,” he said.

“Touring at the minute is not only unsafe but effectively impossible, plans we had in the coming months for America, Europe and many of our festival dates are now not going to happen in the lead up to the album.”

On a brighter note, McKenna confirmed that he will still be active between now and the album’s release, and will be livestreaming a performance on Instagram tomorrow evening (March 25).

“There are a fair few more tracks to come before then, and fortunately I was able to work on some incredibly exciting other projects before the situation had escalated so greatly in the UK,” he said.


“So there will be more, but things are different for the time being and I’ll have to take a minute to adjust to figure out absolutely every piece of the puzzle. If you have any questions or just wanna hear me play some tunes I’ll be on Instagram live tomorrow.

McKenna first shared official details of the new album back in January, along with a bright new single ‘Beautiful Faces’.