Everything Everything tackle masculinity and mental health on surprise new EP – see the video for ‘Breadwinner’ first

"It’s about male identity and suicide and the current crisis there is."

Everything Everything have released ‘A Deeper Sea, a surprise EP to precede the start of their forthcoming UK tour. Check out the video for lead track ‘Breadwinner’ on NME first below.

The four-track EP is the first material since the release of 2017’s ‘A Fever Dream’, and it sees the Manchester art-rockers tackling a variety of prescient issues including modern health from the very start of the new offering.

Discussing opening track ‘Mariana, singer Jonathan Higgs told NME: “It’s about male identity and suicide and the current crisis there is, whether you believe it or not, with being male.


“I’m trying  to get my head around that and thinking about it quite a lot so I wrote this song. There’s a line about drifting down into the dark sea and falling into the barrier and the [Mariana] trench. It’s another way to talk about all of these things like depression.”

The EP also features a Tom Vek remix of ‘Ivory Tower’, which originally appeared on ‘A Fever Dream’.

As the title suggests, the track deals heavily with the idea of entitlement – featuring references to blackface and shopping at high-end supermarkets.

Higgs said: “That track was trying to embody the two sides of the divided nation that we have and trying to sort of exaggerate those sides, so it’s almost like you are hearing an online argument.

“It’s like people saying you know, ‘oh you guys wear black face’.  It’s almost like listening in on an online conversation and having an online fight.


“It’s really a reaction to that whole world of  being callous and over the top online. We wanted to replicate it in song.”

And with their biggest UK tour only weeks away, Higgs teased that fans can expect “dreamy” stage production, in keeping with their album title.

In keeping with this dream theme, there’s gonna  be some sort of dreamy stage production. I can’t reveal what it’s gonna be. It’s quite cool but we are not going totally over the top.

“Our last tour was a very theatrical kind of stage show. This is a bit more realistic with us playing our instruments… there’s more sort of reality involved.

“There’s more instruments on stage and fewer tricks so it’s more about music this time kind of on purpose.”

‘A Deeper Sea is out now