The Strokes, Cat Power on ‘Dedication’ soundtrack

Deerhoof score the romantic comedy

The Strokes, Cat Power, Au Revoir Simone and Fischerspooner have contributed songs to the upcoming film ‘Dedication’.

The soundtrack is due out in the US on September 11, and was put together by experimental rockers Deerhoof, who also contributed several songs to the film.

‘Dedication’ is a romantic comedy starring Billy Cruddup and Mandy Moore, and is Justin Theroux‘s directorial debut.


Theroux explained why he asked Deerhoof to lend their talents to the film: “I wanted both Billy and Mandy’s characters to have very much their own music to accompany their emotional arc and their characters’ fluctuations throughout the film,” he said in a statement.

“I adored Cat Power for Mandy, but since the movie is for the most part laid out through Henry’s (Crudup‘s character) perspective, I needed a more disjointed, more eclectic sound that matched his disjointed, obsessive personality…before we had even shot a single frame of film, I knew that Deerhoof needed to be a major part of this film. They are a perfect mix of both. Exceedingly beautiful, but very energized and raw.”

The tracklisting is:

‘Matchbook Seeks Maniac’ (Dedication Mix) – Deerhoof

‘Back Of Your Head’ – Cat Power

‘My Bebop Gal’ – ‘Dr. ‘ Isaiah Ross


‘A Kick In The Teeth’ – Fischerspooner

‘Dedication Suite One’ – Edward Shearmur

‘Little Drummer Boy’ – Deerhoof

‘Hark The Umpire’ – Deerhoof

‘Red River Blues’ – Buddy Moss

‘Ask Me Anything’ – The Strokes

‘Forcefield’ – Lightning Bolt

‘Dedication Suite Two’ – Edward Shearmur

‘Our Angel’s Ululu’ – Deerhoof

‘Stay Golden’ – Au Revoir Simone

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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