Deerhoof play CERN’s Large Hadron Collider – watch

The band were asked by CERN to be inspired by the largest single machine in the world

Deerhoof have played an improvised set inside the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

The band were asked to the facility near Geneva, in Switzerland, as part of a new series entitled Ex/Noise/CERN, which pairs experimental music with experimental particle physics.

The band – Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich, Ed Rodriguez and Greg Saunier – provided the series’ first entry, after being invited by physicist James Beacham.


On the CERN website, he wrote, “Ex/Noise/CERN is about exploring the unknown. During Run 2 of the LHC, we’re not sure what we’ll find – extra Higgs bosons, dark matter, cracks in the Standard Model – and when we brought Deerhoof to CERN, we weren’t sure what they’d do in SM-18. But like the best scientists, they were curious, daring and embraced the unknown – with spectacular results.”

See the performance below:

Earlier this year Deerhoof released an animated video for their track ‘Tiny Bubbles’.

The song was taken from the band’s most recent album ‘La Isla Bonita’, released in November 2014.

The clip, directed by Geoff Hoskinson, is said to be inspired by the work of filmmaker Tim Burton and, according to the press release, “parallels the odd musical admixtures of military drumming, spaghetti western melodies, and mannered dance rhythms, as well as the Jonathan Crary-inspired lyrics about capitalist and imperial propaganda”.

See the clip below: