Deerhoof reveal UK tour plans

The band also pay tribute to touring pals Radiohead

Deerhoof will bring their ’Friends Opportunity’ tour to the UK in April, according to drummer Greg Saunier.

Speaking to NME.COM after the band’s Plug Awards performance in New York City on Saturday night (February 10), Saunier revealed the band will tour the UK after their current three-month stint taking in Japan, the US and Australia.

He said: “Our stamina is such that we do two weeks, take a few days, another two weeks, we’re coming to the UK in April as our album comes out there in March.”

Saunier described the effect tour mates Radiohead had on the mixing of the recently released ’Friends Opportunity’ album, done while the two bands were on the road together last year.

He explained: “If you can imagine coming home from a Radiohead concert and 20,000 people are all in tears and everyone loves it…you turn on your rough mix and it sounds garbage in comparison.

“It sounds like nothing in every way; the sound is not as good, the emotion seems so dim and the overall power of it doesn’t connect. That feeling, while depressing at first was such a great help in a way, to be devastated by music again…that’s how we felt.”

Saunier discussed the approach his band took to their music after touring with Thom Yorke and co.

He stated: “It’s not that we ever wanted to imitate Radiohead’s music, but we did want to do something that sounded good AFTER Radiohead. In other words Radiohead put out ’Amnesiac’ – what’s somebody going to do, not to top it but to respond it as if in a musical conversation? We treated it like a question, a call to which we wanted to respond in the music world.”

He said the band are keen to hit the road in the UK in April.

“We always love the UK,” he admitted, “People came to the concerts and seemed to just get it right away. It’s great. We get to watch John (Dieterich – guitarist) driving on the wrong side of the road and we eat nothing but Pret A Manger. Eating in the UK is definitely a challenge for vegetarians, everything is so oily and fried, so we’re always trying to find Pret everywhere we go.”

–By our New York staff.

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