Deerhoof share surprise new covers album ‘Love-Lore’

A 43-song medley featuring covers of The Beach Boys, John Williams and more

Deerhoof have surprised fans by dropping a new covers album today (September 29), titled ‘Love-Lore’.

The album was recorded live in the studio as a 43-song medley, with a total track time of 35 minutes. It’s available now as a free download via Deerhoof’s website, Joyful Recordings, and Bandcamp. Listen to it below.


Artists covered on the album include Gary Numan, The Beach Boys, The Police, Kraftwerk, The Velvet Underground, Parliament, John Williams and more.

‘Love-Lore’ features an array of music from the 1950s to the 1980s in what Joyful Recordings describes as an attempt “to reflect upon the overly optimistic promises of progress that humanity was fed across the culture and music of the post-war era.”

In a listening party to premiere the record, founding member Greg Saunier further explained its purpose.

“If music of that period, from the ‘50s and ‘80s was asking the question, then this was us trying to, if not answer the question, at least respond to the question,” he said.

The album is accompanied by an essay from Muindi Fanuel Muindi, which can be purchased as a limited-edition poster featuring artwork by Deerhoof bassist and vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki.


Its release follows the band’s two most recent LPs, studio album ‘Future Teenage Cave Artists’ and live record ‘To Be Surrounded by Beautiful, Curious, Breathing, Laughing Flesh is Enough’. All proceeds from the sale of Deerhoof’s live album will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

In a review from NME, ‘Future Teenage Cave Artists’ was praised for having a “pure heart beating” throughout the tracks.

“Future civilisations may struggle to interpret the art that Deerhoof leave behind — contemporary critics have a hard enough time — but it should be noted that our world was nonetheless richer for it,” the review concluded.