Deerhunter cover Smashing Pumpkins and ask Billy Corgan not to sue following dispute – watch

Singer Bradford Cox recently claimed that he argued with Corgan's bodyguard over a bottle of water

Deerhunter have covered The Smashing Pumpkins’ 1993 hit ‘Today’ days after singer Bradford Cox became embroiled in a public dispute with the band’s frontman Billy Corgan.

The feud began last week when Cox ranted about supporting Smashing Pumpkins on tour in 2007.

During a gig in North Carolina on December 4, Cox alleged that Corgan’s bodyguard wouldn’t let him drink a bottle of water supposedly belonging to the star. He also claimed that Corgan called Deerhunter “a shitty little insignificant fucking indie rock band”.


Having been forced to retract his claims and make a public apology, Cox and co made reference to the incident at their show in Philadelphia on Sunday (December 6).


At the gig, Deerhunter performed a 10-minute instrumental cover of ‘Today’, with Cox delivering stream-of-conscious spoken word lyrics over the top.

“Dear Billy Corgan, I don’t even know you man, please don’t sue me, I love my dog and I don’t have that much money and I don’t think you’re the kind of person who’d starve somebody’s dog just to prove a point,” Cox is heard saying during the performance.

Cox ended the performance by telling the crowd: “Whoever uploads that to YouTube can suck my dick”. Watch below.

Following Bradford Cox’s allegations, the Smashing Pumpkins’ manager denied the claims in a statement in which he threatened Cox with legal action.


“Several eyewitnesses can attest that Cox’s account is a complete fabrication, probably to get some much-needed attention. He is correct about one thing, that the whole thing is on tape, and that we have a video of the encounter,” the statement read.

“Since this is intentionally slanderous, I will likely suggest we pursue charges unless a retraction is forthcoming.”