Deerhunter cover Buzzcocks’s ‘Why Can’t I Touch It?’ – Listen

The American outfit played live on BBC Radio 6 to promote recent LP 'Fading Frontier'

Deerhunter recently appeared on BBC Radio 6 and covered ‘Why Can’t I Touch It?’ by the Buzzcocks.

The band’s frontman Bradford Cox talked to Marc Riley about his dog Faulkner, who stars in Deerhunter’s video for ‘Snakeskin’ (se ebelow), Manchester’s music scene and the world post-John Peel.

Speaking about the Buzzcocks track, Cox told Riley what it always made him think of: “There’s always a lull at a party when a longer song on a record is playing and people stare into their beers and stop talking for a minute – I always feel like this is that song.”


You can listen to Deerhunter’s cover of ‘Why Can’t I Touch It?’ by the Buzzcocks here (interview from the start, Buzzcocks cover from 1:19), which will be available until December 4.

Deerhunter have been touring to promote their latest, seventh album ‘Fading Frontier’, which is now streaming online.

It was released on October 16 via 4AD.

The ‘Fading Frontier’ tracklisting is:

‘All The Same’
‘Living My Life’
‘Duplex Planet’
‘Take Care’
‘Leather and Wood’
‘Ad Astra’