Deerhunter perform tracks from Fading Frontier in KCRW Session – watch

Bradford Cox's band play four tracks from the new album in LA session

Deerhunter have performed six tracks in a KCRW Session in Los Angeles, including four tracks from new album ‘Fading Frontier’, and one improvised track.

‘Breaker’, ‘Living My Life’, ‘Duplex Planet’, and ‘Snakeskin’ from the new album feature, as does ‘Desire Lines’, taken from 2010’s ‘Halcyon Digest’. Cox and co. also perform an improvised song called ‘Escape From The Nursery’.

Cox also thanked the station in interview for allowing the band to perform as they’d like to, rather than asking for tracks performed to closely match the studio versions.


Deerhunter’s seventh album ‘Fading Frontier’ was released in October, and described in NME’s review in contrast to its predecessor Monomania:

“They do have one important thing in common: both were inspired, or at least overshadowed, by traumatic events in Bradford Cox’s personal life. The Atlanta quartet have always been a more democratic entity than their frontman’s outsized personality might make them appear, but inevitably, it’s Cox’s whims, wonts and occasional psychoses that their music takes shape around. Maybe that’s why ‘Fading Frontier’ is the most direct, unflinching album Deerhunter have ever made, and quite possibly the best.”


Cox has accompanied the latest release with some feisty quotes, which have included saying:

“I’m a very…selfish and difficult person. When I feel like doing [a project] I’ll just do that. Whatever I do now is just whatever I feel like doing. Because I’m old! I’m not young anymore and I don’t owe anybody anything. All my debts are paid.”

He’s also called the idea that music can help people “a very bourgeois concept.”

Watch the KCRW session below: