Def Leppard tribute band looking for one-armed drummer

Pyromania also want potential drummers to have a 'flame retardant' kit

Def Leppard tribute band Pyromania have placed an advert looking for a one-armed drummer.

According to a picture posted on, the Texas band are looking to replicate the exact look of the British metallers and have placed an advert that begins with the words: “Seeking one-armed drummer (No prosthetics)!”

The advert (pictured) also asks that potential candidates have a “flame retardant kit” and aren’t “dope fiends”.

Def Leppard‘s drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in 1984 in a car accident, but has played on since.

The band are not to be confused with a Californian Def Leppard tribute band, also called Pyromania, who have described the advert as “in very bad taste” and have asked people not to “confuse them with completely disgusting and disrespectful behaviour”. This is despite the band showing their own drummer as appearing to have only one arm on their official website,