Def Leppard reject Donald Trump’s offer to compère gig: ‘We wouldn’t associate with this clown’

The US Presidential candidate intended on introducing the band at the Iowa State Fair

Def Leppard have dismissed reports that US Presidential candidate Donald Trump will introduce the band at an upcoming live show.

The businessman and TV personality has announced that he will run in the race to be the Republican candidate in the 2016 election. Since then Trump has caused controversy by making a number of inflammatory comments, including accusing Mexican immigrants of being rapists.

CNN recently reported that Trump intended to introduce the band at the Iowa State Fair on August 15, where Def Leppard will perform and Trump will attend.


Responding to the news, guitarist Vivian Campbell wrote on Facebook: “I really, really, really hope that there’s no truth to this rumour.”

He continued: “Def Leppard have never been a political band, and if we were, I for one wouldn’t be associating my name with this clown”.


Trump recently angered another musician when he used Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ to mark the launch of his Presidential campaign.

Holding a press conference at Trump Towers in New York last month (June 17) to confirm the news, Trump took to the stage with Young’s 1989 song playing in the background. However, Young’s representatives later criticised Trump’s actions, claiming that they hadn’t approved for the song to be used.

After the singer himself was quoted as saying “I make my music for people, not for candidates”, he later allowed Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders to use the song at a rally.

While Trump’s camp have claimed that they did in fact have approval to use the track, but won’t be utilising the song again, the Apprentice US star later accused Young of hypocrisy.


Trump wrote: “A few months ago Neil Young came to my office looking for $$ on an audio deal & called me last week to go to his concert. Wow!”, before adding: “.@Neilyoung’s song, “Rockin’ In The Free World” was just one of 10 songs used as background music. Didn’t love it anyway.”