The rockers say a loud show by the big-trousered rapper in Salem, Oregon led to a change in the local law...

Def Leppard singer JOE ELLIOTT has blamed former rapper MC HAMMER for the sound problems at the hard rockers’ recent show in SALEM, OREGON that led disgruntled fans to flock for a refund.

As revealed last week by, the band’s September 2 show at the L.B. Day Amphitheatre, part of the Oregon State Fair, was hampered because in accordance with city noise ordinance they had to play at a very low volume. Elliott says the law came into effect “after a particularly loud MC Hammer show”.

In a statement addressing the incident, the frontman said: “We were told to turn down our PA system. Just the one little problem with that.we hadn’t even turned it on yet!!! It has to be said, this is the most stupid situation this band has ever had to deal with.”


Elliott added that despite the problems, the band never considered pulling the show. However, he did concede that some of the 9,000 crowd weren’t happy with the decision.

He added: “Yes, it was very quiet and yes, some people did indeed ask for refunds (I would have!!) I know how we should sound and this wasn’t it. But loads of people stayed and it has to be said that they were one of the best crowds we ever played in front of and deserved much more (volume!) than they got.”

The singer revealed that those who remained received an extra Def Leppard treat. “We did them an extra encore,” he said. “They really deserved that at least.”

However, in the statement, which included some stinging attacks on the local council and their bylaws, Elliott made no mention of some of the other attractions that fans leaving the Def Leppard show may have run to. According to the official Fair programme these included: “a crepe-off, a Spam recipe competition, the Hermiston Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, a chowder cook-off, best cheese recipes, best five-vegetable casserole and a “milk moustache” contest”.

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