The rockers are not being honoured by their hometown just yet...

SHEFFIELD COUNCIL have dismissed reports that Def Leppard are to be granted the freedom of their hometown.

It has been reported on other music websites this afternoon (September 7) that the rockers, who formed in Sheffield over 20 years ago, are set to receive the freedom of the city. A spokesperson for the council was quoted as saying the band are still “the city’s favourite sons”, having “done so much for Sheffield“.

However, Neil Anderson, the council official who was originally quoted and went on to say the band “deserve a really special award”, now claims he was misquoted.


Speaking to he said: “It is all speculative at present. Unless there was a major Def Leppard event in the city, any future accolade is unlikely. We’re not looking to do it in the near future.”

Another official told that the Freedom Of The City “wasn’t given out lightly”.

He added that the band have been acknowledged by the city on a number of occasions, including enjoying a meal with the Mayor.

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