The group hand out refunds to fans after they fail to rock hard enough...

Def Leppard were forced to hand out refunds to some 700 fans at the weekend (September 2) after complaints that their show was too quiet.

The band were performing at the Oregon State Fair near Salem, and in accordance with city noise ordinance they had to play at a very low volume.

According to Associated Press, before the show began Def Leppard members “made a fair-authorised announcement… stating that guests who thought the concert was too quiet could get a refund on the $20 concert tickets”.


The band and promoters are due to split the $14,000 loss between them.

It is reported that throughout the show fans kept yelling for the volume to be raised, with difficulties in hearing said to stretch from just a few rows from the front of the stage at the L.B. Day Amphitheatre.

If that were not humiliation enough, Def Leppard were one of only a number of attractions at the week-long fair.

The official programme also lists events including “the mushroom contest, a crepe-off, bread and muffin-baking contests, a Spam recipe competition, the Hermiston Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, prizes for the best scones and sugar cookies, a chowder cook-off, best cheese recipes, best five-vegetable casserole and a “milk moustache” contest”.

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