“Definitive” Mac Miller documentary halted by rapper’s estate

The filmmakers have been requested to cease developing the film at this time

Work on a “definitive” documentary about Mac Miller has been halted by the late rapper’s estate.

Filmmaker C.J. Wallis had been planning to begin developing a film about Miller, who died in September 2018, and announced the project earlier this week (June 3).

Now, Wallis has tweeted that he had stopped proceeding with his plans after being contacted by Miller’s manager, Christian Clancy, and his estate. “We tweeted our intentions to begin developing a doc on Mac over the next year,” Wallis wrote. “At the same time, we reached out to all those closest to him to begin the process of making it official.


“We heard back from @christianclancy & The Estate who said the family has requested we hold off on the project at this time. We immediately complied as the last thing we’d want is to negatively impact anyone involved, quite the opposite.”

He added that he and his team had been “comfortable” announcing their plans before they got permission to continue from the necessary parties because they weren’t planning to tell his life story. Instead, they wanted to film the star’s “peers telling their one favourite Mac story & cutting them together as a motivational & positive picture.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Wallis said he was looking to “start collecting interviews & content to make the definitive @MacMiller documentary for his family, friends & fans.”


Last month, Mac DeMarco revealed that two tracks on his new album ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’ were inspired by Miller.

“We had this strange history, and then we became really close, and I was going over to his place multiple times a week, up until the point that he passed away,” he said in an interview, discussing the tracks ‘Heart To Heart’ and ‘Skyless Moon’.

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