‘Buckle Up For Chi’ campaign started in memory of late Deftones bassist

Chi Cheng was involved in a car crash in 2008 and passed away earlier this year

A driving safety campaign called ‘Buckle Up For Chi’ has been started in memory of late Deftones bassist Chi Cheng.

The founding member of the band died earlier this year aged 42, after being in a “partially conscious state” since a 2008 car accident. Cheng suffered major injuries and was left in a coma after being involved in the crash. The bassist was driving with his sister when he collided with another car head on. While his sister only suffered minor injuries as she was wearing a seatbelt, Cheng was ejected through the window.

With the slogan ‘Saving The World – One Click At A Time’, the campaign is hoping to raise awareness concerning seatbelt use, with Cheng’s friends and family behind the initiative. For more information, visit BuckleUpForChi.com. Of the campaign they state: “Buckle Up For Chi was established in an effort to honor the memory of an amazing man who’s life was tragically changed after he was involved in a car accident in which he was not wearing his seatbelt. This campaign serves as a tribute to not only the legacy he left behind, but to the lives that will be saved because of seat belt awareness.”

Cheng died on April 13, 2013. He formed Deftones with Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter and Abe Cunningham in 1988. The bassist was a vital member of the band and performed on the nu-metal group’s first five albums. His final release was 2006’s ‘Saturday Night Wrist’. The band were putting together the final touches of ‘Eros’ at the time of the crash.