Deftones: ‘We want bassist Chi Cheng to rejoin us’ – video

Chino Moreno says the band are "hoping and praying" stricken bassist recovers from coma

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has told NME.COM that the band are hoping their bassist Chi Cheng – who is currently in a coma – will recover and rejoin them in the future.

Cheng was involved in a car accident in November 2008 which left him in his current condition.

Watch a video with Moreno talking to NME.COM about the bassist, as well as Deftones‘ new album, by scrolling down now.

In the interview, Moreno reveals that although Cheng is still unable to communicate, he does seem to be making progress.

“The word is that he’s making slow progress, he’s getting better,” he said, adding “It’s a long-term thing…it’s gonna take a lot of time.”

After asking fans to check on Cheng‘s progress by going to, Moreno said “All we can think is the most positive thing – that he’s gonna be back here with us.”

The frontman also speaks about why Deftones decided not to split after Cheng‘s accident – saying that touring is therapeutic for the band. Since his accident, Deftones have been joined by former Quicksand member Sergio Vega on bass, who is “like family” to the band, according to Moreno.

“The way we look at it right now is that we got two bass players,” he said. “We got one bass player who’s out right now, who’s in recovery.”

The band are now planning to release an album featuring Vega on bass, which Moreno says is about to be mixed. “We’re gonna try to get the record out for the end of this year,” he confirmed.

Deftones‘ last studio album featuring Cheng, ‘Eros’, was held back from being released after his accident, though Moreno says that the band hope to release it at some point in the future.