The band come to the aid of the woman who lost her job after allowing a picture of singer Chico Moreno in a top with "obscene language" on it to be used...

THE DEFTONES and the clothing company FUCT are to donate US$5000 to the journalist who lost her job after allowing a photograph of vocalist CHINO MORENO in a top with the letters ‘fuct’ across the chest to be published.

According to US reports this morning (November 7), both parties have donated the money to help Nora Garza survive until she finds new employment, as her husband is unemployed and she also has two children.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Garza was fired from The Monitor newspaper in Texas after complaints that the picture, a press shot released to newspapers by the band’s record label Maverick, contained “obscene” language.

The picture is of the entire band, with a sunset in the background and the band in the foreground. Moreno is wearing a blue top with the yellow lettering ‘fuct’ across the chest. The top was produced by the LA clothing company of the same name.

Speaking about the incident, Moreno said: “My first thought was, ‘Damn, that’s fucked’. For one, it’s not obscene language. Two, it’s just silly. If they went to grammar school, they know the word’s spelled wrong.

“It’s just sad that you can open up the front page of the paper and see slain bodies and people being shot, and somebody has a word that resembles a bad word on a sweatshirt, and they’ve gotta make a big deal. I don’t understand what people are thinking.”

Garza claims she didn’t see the lettering on the top, and chose the shot because of how it looked. “I don’t use that language, and that’s why I never interpreted it as an obscene word,” she claimed.